Blueberry Pie Milkshakes

You had to see this coming.


Blending a piece of pie with ice cream isn’t the obvious way to use up leftovers?

A few months ago, our good friends Casey and Lindsey came down for the weekend. Most of the time when we have company over, our visits revolve around food. (When you live in/near NYC, it just happens.) A few hours before their arrival, I was texting with them to see what they might like for dinner. A simple request: milkshakes.

Okay, so we actually enjoyed a nice Indian dinner first. But milkshakes were a must.

After dinner we headed to Stand, a small burger joint that serves up some really delicious shakes. Coffee, mint, black and white, s’mores, their infamous toasted marshmallow shake… all of these sounded good. But as I got closer to the bottom of the menu, I saw “blueberry pie.”

Seriously? Blueberry pie milkshake? Sign. Me. Up.

It was perhaps the greatest discovery of 2012.

After enjoying a few sips (alright, I inhaled the whole thing in mere moments), I asked the server how they made the shake. How could they possibly get it to taste so identical in flavor to an actual blueberry pie?

Easy: they place a piece of pie in the blender.

Are you listening to this?! An entire piece of pie is blended together with ice cream.

So that’s it. From there on, I was hooked.

They also offer apple pie and pumpkin pie milkshakes, but I really can’t see myself ordering anything but the blueberry pie flavor.

Now do you see why making a blueberry pie milkshake was the obvious next step after making a blueberry pie? That’s what I thought.

Here’s the simple run down:

Place vanilla — or any other flavor — ice cream in a blender (we ended up using about  3/4 – 1 cup, but feel free to add more).

Add one large slice of blueberry pie (again, feel free to add more…), and a splash of milk.


Okay, fiiiiine. We added a second small piece of pie to the blender. We were convinced our first piece was too small. (And since we were making two shakes, we each deserved our own piece of pie… right?)



Lick the glass clean.

You are going to die over this. I can’t believe I wasted 25 years of my life without pie milkshakes! Don’t make the same mistake.

In closing, ice cream + pie + blender = a winning combo. You can thank me later.

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