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Our little man will be six months old in a week. How crazy is that?! Around four months, we began introducing baby oatmeal. We quickly realized that Ethan was not a fan of mush. Not only was he not developmentally prepared for this new addition (he kept pushing the food out with his mouth), but I think he was slightly appalled that his first introduction to food was bland, soggy oatmeal.


I backed off of solids until he was closer to five months, and then went straight for wholesome foods. Perhaps starting off with sweet potato was a bad idea (most pedis recommend beginning with savory and working your way to sweet), but man does this kid love them! After sweet potato we moved on to avocado, peas, butternut, and yellow squash. The avocado and peas were spat back out at my face — see proof below.

First bite of avocado:


I literally cried when he made this face. How could any child of mine not like avocado? (Don’t worry, we went to therapy and he’s now a guacamole eating champion. Kidding about therapy. Not kidding about guacamole.)

The remnants of peas that never made it past his lips:


Such a mess. A handsome, squishy-faced, covered-in-peas mess. After some persistence on my end (and a little mix of sweet potato), he’s taking them both like a champ.

The only fruit he’s tried so far is banana, which I swear he’d do a handstand for. I don’t understand – neither my husband or I actually like bananas (which is bizarre because I buy them all the time… I keep convincing myself one day I’ll like them). I think I’m going to work our way through more veggies before introducing additional sweets, but if Ethan had it his way, it’d be all bananas, all the time.

As far as how we introduce solids, we’re trying a few different techniques. I’ve mashed or puréed a few foods, and simply handed him others to eat whole. We are all about the trial and error over here.

His favorite thing to eat?


Hands down, Sophie the giraffe.


As long as he’s not chewing on the dog’s toys, I’m happy.

As for me, I’m still cooking when I can. I’m particularly excited about tonight’s dinner – I’m making a spinach and gruyere quiche. I’ll take my piece with extra crust, please. Not a problem, since, well… I’m the one making it.

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