Chili Garlic Chicken Stir Fry with Coconut Jasmine Rice

I know what you’re thinking: this can’t possibly be very good because it’s ‘just stir fry’. Guess again. This is seriously delish.

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Traditional Beef Chili with Cornbread

As much as I look forward to fall (and trust me, I dream about it all year long), there are a few characteristics of the changing season that I find, well, depressing. Days after foliage reaches peak you’re left with bare trees all around. What was once so bright and beautiful is now cold, stark, and dreary.

Then there’s the end of daylight savings. Most people enjoy the switch and relish in an extra hour of sleep, but if you’ve got young children you’re probably laughing along with me when I say, “Extra sleep?! Yeah, no.”

Now we’re looking at complete darkness by 4:30 or 5 pm. Forget playing outside (not that we were planning on it — temps dropped into the 30s last weekend), from now on we’ll remain bundled up in sweaters, sweatpants, and slippers trying to stay warm in our playroom and eating dinner in the dark.

The light at the end of the bleak and oh-so-frigid tunnel (this is more directed at winter than fall) is warm, filling comfort food. Is this not the perfect time to load up on all things hearty and rich? I’m talkin’ braised meats, creamy pastas or risotto, and, my favorite favorite favorite: chili and cornbread.

Customize it any way you like. You can go meatless, lighten things up with turkey, use cubed steak, or take things to another level by grinding your own chiles and spices. The possibilities are limitless. But for the ultimate in comfort food, there is nothing quite like traditional beef chili (with or without beans) and sweet, crumbly cornbread. There’s something about the combination that just makes everything in the world seem right. When you pile it all together in a big bowl — cornbread, chili, cheese, sour cream, onions — it’s just… magic.

Traditional chili

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My Favorite Chili

I know for a fact that winter is here. Do you want to know how I know? Because yesterday it snowed. And then last night the snow melted a little, and ice froze on the ground. And today as I was walking to work I slipped on said ice, landed on both my knees (true story), and thought both my knee caps were broken.

Good news first: my kneecaps are not broken.
Bad news: I have two humongous bruises on my knees, and it is now painful to walk.

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